The Best Cakes are Eggless Cakes

  • Amanda
  • April 19, 2014 9:00 am
  • Food


When I went vegan, I was most apprehensive about one thing. No, it wasn’t how I would live without cheese. It was how in the world I was going to make a great eggless cake. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Eggs aren’t as special in baking as they’d like you to believe, and not only is making an eggless cake entirely possible, it’s so easy and so delicious that no one even knows the difference between my eggless cakes and a conventional cake. Try these recipes to make your own!

  1. The Best Chocolate Cake Ever That Happens to Be Vegan. Yes, I know the name sets expectations really high, but this is a darn good chocolate cake, and an eggless cake to boot. (Here’s a secret. A friend of mine who is a fabulous cook refuses to ever let me give her amazing chocolate eggless cake recipe out, but this recipe just happens to be virtually identical, so I’m keeping my word, right?)
  2. This Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Grilled Nectarines by Chef Chloe is the cake that turned me on to a whole world of lemon cakes. Make this. You won’t be sorry!
  3. I made this Vegan Coconut Cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. She’s not vegan, but her daughter has egg allergies, so an eggless cake was the order of the day. When you need an eggless cake, you call your vegan friends!
  4. Here’s an cake that will win over the grown ups first. This Pistachio Cardamon Cake with Rosewater Frosting isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and the flavors are sophisticated enough to make this a standout dessert at the dinner party. You don’t need to tell them it’s an eggless cake. There’s no way they’ll have a clue.
  5. This one’s not technically an eggless cake; it’s an eggless cupcake recipe. I had to share it though, because until I made these Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache, I had no appreciation for white cake. “Vanilla” no longer means “plain” to me. If you really must make a cake instead of cupcakes, this recipes worked well for me in a square pan. Double it for two layers, fill the center with a Vanilla Bean Frosting, top with the Chocolate Ganache, and enjoy!


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