5 Hopping Good Vegetarian Easter Recipes


Holidays, especially Easter, with all the ham, milk chocolate, and baked goods, can be hard for a vegan or vegetarian. But that doesn’t mean a vegan should be resigned to the boring side dishes. Check out these classic Easter vegan spin-offs and enjoy the holidays as much as everyone around you!

1. Artichoke Mashed Potatoes – This vegan mashed potato recipe creates an extra gourmet touch by adding artichokes to the mix. Serve with vegetarian gravy for the complete works.

2. Creamy Carrot Soup with CoconutCreamy carrot soup is a classic Easter dish, and this vegan recipe definitely makes up for any loss you may feel by not eating with the dairy-infused version. You can serve this soup hot or cold.

3. Pralined Sweet Potatoes – Make sure to use vegan margarine and brown sugar on these delicious vegan sweet potatoes. This dish totally hits the spot with those looking for a sweet and savory meal.

4. Portobello and Asparagus PastaThis pasta dish is a healthy alternative to any creamy or meaty pasta they may be serving up at your relative’s house. Portobello, asparagus, and sun-dried tomatoes create a meal so appetizing, you’ll be warding meat-eaters off with your fork.

5.  Vegetarian Frittata – Use tofu instead of eggs for this delightful frittata. Nutritional yeast is used to add a tangy flavor. Perfect to eat for an Easter breakfast or brunch.

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