The Best Places to Live If You’re Vegan

San Francisco, California. Almost all big cities in California are great for vegans, but listing all those cities would take up all the top ten spots! San Francisco is, hands down, the best place in the world to live if you’re pursuing a vegan diet. There are an abundance of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and not to mention the year-round sunshine that makes it ideal for organic farmers to continuously produce fresh fruits and veggies.

5 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Philadelphia

City of Brotherly Love, place of vegan meals.

Quick Vegan 5-Minute Meals

We get it. You’re busy. You want to eat healthy vegan meals three times a day, but just don’t have the time to laboriously cut, chop, peel, sauté, juice, steam, blend, etc. We get it! Eating vegan and healthy doesn’t necessarily have to be time-consuming. In fact, two staples of a vegan diet, salads and smoothies, take less than 10 minutes to prepare. Want to get a little fancier? Chop up a few of your favorite veggies, stir -fry them, adding in some spices, add to instant rice, et voilà: A delicious vegan meal that didn’t take you hours to prepare.

Visiting San Diego? 10 Deliciously Vegan Restaurants in San Diego

You gotta try these out.

9 Outstanding Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

Find yourself in Seattle? Check out these yummy vegan restaurants!

9 Vegan Restaurants in Indianapolis You Gotta Try

Heading to Indianapolis and want to know in advance where to check out? Or maybe you are and Indianapolis-er and are new to veganism? These restaurants will surely hit the spot.

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Kansas City

Must-See Vegan Eateries in Kansas City

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Santa Monica

Eating healthy in Santa Monica

Satisfy Your Midday Hunger with One of These 15 Healthy Vegan Snacks

Not only are these vegan snacks healthy, they’re also super-easy to make. You can acquire most of them by just buying them from the grocery store, as is!

Vegan in Beantown: 5 Great Boston Vegan Restaurants

Boston is slowly but surely catering to its vegan population. There have been a handful of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants that have been sprouting up over the past decade. If you ever get a chance to visit Bean-town, or live there but haven’t visited one of these five great restaurants – you should definitely go!