The Best Places to Live If You’re Vegan

San Francisco, California. Almost all big cities in California are great for vegans, but listing all those cities would take up all the top ten spots! San Francisco is, hands down, the best place in the world to live if you’re pursuing a vegan diet. There are an abundance of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and not to mention the year-round sunshine that makes it ideal for organic farmers to continuously produce fresh fruits and veggies.

13 Sites to Find Cruelty-Free Vegan Handbags

Just because you’re compassionate and conscientious about our world and the creatures that inhabit it, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Luckily, there are designers out there who are just as compassionate and conscientious as you, and strive to make products that are fashionable and eco-friendly. Check out these top brands for a variety of styles and products to suit your taste.

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4 Vegan Makeup Brands for Cruelty-Free Beauty

Veganism extends into other areas of life besides food. What you put on your body, not just in your body, should reflect your belief system. Most makeup companies either use animal products in their makeup or test their products on animals. Choose from these vegan and cruelty-free brands, and let your beauty shine on the inside as well as the outside.

5 Sites to Buy Find Awesome Vegan T-shirts

The best way to promote veganism is by simply stating your beliefs in a non-violent, non-aggressive way. Wearing a vegan message T-shirt is a fun and effective way of planting a seed in others’ minds about this cruelty-free diet. The following companies are great places to find awesome vegan tees.

Indulge Your Inner Bookworm with These Vegan Books

Books for the new and old vegan alike!

10 Awesome Makers of Veggie Shoes

Vegan shoes used to be extremely hard to find. Now you can find great quality footwear at the touch of your mouse. Here are some companies that are not only animal cruelty-free, but also work to use sustainable practices.

Eco-Friendly Shoe Stores for Every Occasion

For newer vegans, the initial shock is likely to set in during the dietary transition (where most vegans make their start). Few, however, are quick to think about the fashion involved in a vegan lifestyle—I sure didn’t! Let’s take a look at some footwear that’s great for animals, as well as our environment.

10 Vegan Blogs You Should Be Reading

Life can be pretty easy these days, with information at the touch of our little paws. Anything you want to be or do, you can be sure to find websites, blogs, how-tos, videos, and support groups to help guide your way. It’s really up to you to decide what pursuits interest you most. Luckily, for those traveling down the vegan road, tons of sites and blogs are dedicated to your journey. Here are a few that we think are stupendous!

Gifts for Vegans for Any Occasion

Looking for a gift for a vegan can sometimes be a tricky task, especially if you’re not very familiar with the vegan lifestyle. While opting to get them something non-diet related is always an option, vegans usually appreciate when their diet and lifestyle is noticed and celebrated by those who are close to them. Cooking and eating are such a big part of life, you really won’t have a hard time finding a suitable gift for your vegan loved ones after considering some of the following ideas.

What is Fair Trade?

A good way to define fair trade is to discuss what the opposite means. Most products are unfairly traded, meaning the workers who actually make the product get compensated far too little for their efforts while the middlemen reap all the profit. Fair trade products’ profit goes straight to the farmers and workers, who are then able to build sustainable businesses that help to develop the disadvantaged communities they come from. Fair trade products come straight from the farm to the grocery store. No middleman needed.