The Best Places to Live If You’re Vegan

San Francisco, California. Almost all big cities in California are great for vegans, but listing all those cities would take up all the top ten spots! San Francisco is, hands down, the best place in the world to live if you’re pursuing a vegan diet. There are an abundance of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and not to mention the year-round sunshine that makes it ideal for organic farmers to continuously produce fresh fruits and veggies.

Vegan Desserts

Just because you eat a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good stuff. In fact, all it means is that you can have more of the good stuff! While you should eat everything in moderation, it’s less of a guilty pleasure (and more of just a pleasure) because vegan desserts tend to be lower in calories, fat, cholesterol, and of course, are cruelty-free.

Staying Vegan in a Non-Vegan Household

It’s not uncommon to be the only vegan in a house full of meat-eaters. If you became a vegan while still living at home, it’s easy to believe that not everyone in your family was stirred to drastically change their lifestyle as you have. Maybe you switched to veganism while at college, but live with roommates who absolutely love Wing Night. Sometimes you find true love, but unfortunately, your partner may not be as passionate about a cruelty-free diet as you. Since being vegan and eating a well-balanced diet does tend to take up a lot of time and effort, issues are bound to occur between you and your meat-eating cohabitants. By following some easy tips, you can minimize these occurrences, and even turn your living situation into a lesson in acceptance for everyone.

The Joys of Pressure Cooking

Pressure cooking is popular in many parts of the world, especially Europe and India. Pressure cookers were once seen as dangerous and unpredictable, and unfortunately, for many, this connotation has stuck. But in reality they have become very modernized and safety is no longer an issue. Cooking with a pressure cooker results in tastier, healthier foods that are faster to make and use less energy.

Dairy Substitutes

Besides being kinder to animals, the environment, and people who live nearby feedlots, eliminating dairy from your diet will allow you to lower your cholesterol and fat intake. Below are some common dairy products you might miss a lot if it weren’t for their fantastic vegan successors.

Eating with the Seasons

If you crave certain foods seasonally, be happy that your inner biology is functioning properly. That craving is a signal from your body, telling you what you need to be eating in order to nourish itself appropriately throughout the year. For centuries, ancient herbal practitioners recommended eating a diet that follows the seasons. If you ignore these cravings, or don’t even have them, the failure to eat seasonally might catch up with you in the form of degenerative disease and digestive disorders. By aligning yourself with nature and eating locally in the present season, you will do your body a favor now and for years to come.

Fun with a Dehydrator

In the raw vegan world, food items that are cooked over 118°F are said to lose their natural nutrients and enzymes that help aid in digestion and optimal health. By keeping food uncooked, you preserve the essence in which they were meant to be eaten. However, we are a species that enjoys variety, and for raw vegans, eating smoothies and salads every day might get a little boring. Implementing dehydrators into your food preparation routine will surely provide you with plenty of options to keep you enthusiastic about eating raw.

Vegan Outreach

Once you’ve become fully aware of the harmful effects eating an animal-based diet causes, and have adopted a vegan diet of your own, the natural inclination is to want to spread your awareness and ideas to others, providing them with information and resources they need to make an informed decision about what they eat. While pushing a belief on someone (or having a belief pushed on you) is never a fun or effective way of fostering change, educating people about the food they eat can be considered a great duty to our world and the creatures in it.

Yummy Meat Substitutes

Are you on the fence about veganism? One of those “undecideds” that know in their heart of hearts it’s the “right” choice to make, but can’t stand the thought of giving up your chicken nuggets, sushi, or turkey sandwiches? For vegans 10, 20 years ago, this was a real dilemma. Meat substitutes weren’t yet invented, and even when they did make their way on to the market, they were usually tasteless. Luckily, today, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the health and environmental benefits of an animal-free diet while still enjoying the tastes of the forbidden products. And each year keeps bringing new, tastier, truer-to-life items that almost make it impossible to tell the difference between it and its meat counterpart.

Being a Healthy Vegan

You may think you are being healthy simply by being a vegan, but one does not necessarily equate to the other. An improperly planned and unbalanced vegan diet can be just as damaging as an animal-based diet. A vegan who smokes, doesn’t exercise, and eats foods that are high in processed sugar, trans fats, and other damaging ingredients, is just as likely to suffer from diet-related diseases as other non-vegan individuals, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.